Animated Marquee
Theater Marquee – The perfect sign to create your
off along with it's detail the marquee can be used for
many different applications. Because of the marquee’
s special construction, it can be curved around
almost any form to give the sign a three dimensional
look. The sign comes blank and several movie titles
are included on peel & Stick overlays. One of them
is shown on the animated image at the left.
Available in two sizes:

#1181 - Large Theater, Price $45.95
Dimensions: 7.75” long x 2.64” high. With the word
“Theater” removed the marquee height is 1.4”.
Recommended scales S/O

#1182 - Medium Theater, price $36.95
Dimensions: 5.60” long x 1.8” high. With the word
“Theater” removed the marquee height is .875”.
Recommended scales N/HO.
Note: size usage is dependent on the size of
your structure so scales are interchangeable.
#1181 Large Marquee sign
#1182 Med. Marquee sign
Photo courtesy of Richard Bettig
Copyright Miller Engineering 2011
The perfect complement for our horizontal
theater sign, #
This is a double sided sign and comes with a
selection of over-lays with the option of making
your own. The small marquee measures 3" tall,
the large one is 5.5" tall
#5981 Vertical Theater Sign Lg.
#5982 Vertical Theater Sign Sm.
Included overlays
#59981 Theater combo kit Lg.
#59982 Theater combo kit Sm.