Planters Peanuts Billboard
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#002 DTN Sign Base
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Mr. Peanut was introduced in 1916, to
help advertise the sales of the country's
first roasted peanut company,  Mr.
Peanut has become one of the nation's
best-known advertising characters.
Based on the original drawing of a
13-year-old boy, the ever-dapper Mr.
Peanut eventually added a top hat, white
spats, ebony cane, and monocle to his
unique ensemble.
This full color full sign with beautiful
animation will ad a focal point to any
Limited edition sign!
#7061 - Planters Peanuts
Size 4" wide x 4.5 T
Suitable for HO/O scales
Price $49.95
#7062 Sm. Planters
Suitable for N/HO
Size 2 w x 2.5" t
Price -  $32.95s
#7061 Lg Planters Billboard
#7062 Sm. Planters Billboard