#8781 Citgo Billboard
#8781 Lg. Citgo Billboard
Dim. 3.8” T x 2.5” W,
Suitable for HO/O scales
Copyright Miller Engineering 2017
CITGO® is a registered trademark of CITGO Petroleum Corporation used
under license (by Miller Engineering.)
#4800 - 4.5 Volt AC adapter
8781-DTN Citgo Desk Top Base
AC adapter for Desk
Top Neon Base
This sign is also available in our Desk Top Neon Base for the
same price as our Billboard model to make one great display for
The first Citgo sign was created
1965, Our Citgo Billboard has
been models after the famous
Citgo sign at Fenway Park in
Boston. It’s animation offers
stunning realism that would
make a great addition to any
#8782 Sm. Citgo Billboard
Dim.1.9” T x 1.25” W
Price $29.95
Suitable for N/HO scales
8792 Sm. Citgo Billboard