A&P Billboard
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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea
Company, better known as A&P,
was an American chain of grocery
stores that ceased supermarket
operations in November 2015,
after 156 years in business.  A&P
was as well known as McDonald's
or Google is today" and that A&P
was "Walmart before
Walmart."[3][4] Known for
innovation, A&P and the
supermarkets that followed its
lead significantly improved
nutritional habits by making
available a vast assortment of
food products at much lower
costs. The large sign comes with
supports. A classic for any layout!
88-0151 - Lg. A&P
Size 8.2" W x 3.2 T
Suitable for HO/O scales
Price $49.95
44-0152 - Sm A&P
Size 4" W x 1.75 T
Suitable for HO/N scales
Price $32.95
#44-0152 Sm. A&P Billboard
#88-0151 Lg A&P Billboard