C&NW Billboard
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88-0201 - Lg. C&NW sign
Size 3.8" W x 3.6 T
Suitable for HO/O scales
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88-0202 - m.. C&NW sign
Size 1.9" W x 1.8 T
Suitable for N/HO scales
Price $29.95
The C&NW railroad operated more
than 5,000 miles of track as of the
turn of the 20th century, and over
12,000 miles of track in seven states
before scaling back in the late 1970s.
The C&NW became one of the
longest railroads in the USA as a
result of mergers with other railroads.
The company was purchased by the
Union Pacific Railroad in April 1995
and ceased to exist.
Limited edition sign!
#88-0201 Lg. C&NW Billboard
#44-0202 Sm. C&NW billboard