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Scranton is Back!!
Due the number of customer requests that we have
received, we are producing a very limited run of our
Scranton sign. If you have not seen the real sign in person
you are missing quite a spectacular sign. Our Scranton
sign is a faithful reproduction of the real sign located in
(where else??) Scranton, PA. Available only in the large
version which comes with supports. Also available in our
DTN version. If you missed out the first time, now is your
Limited run sign.
88-0251 - Scranton Electric City Sign
Size 4" W x 4.65 T
Suitable for O scale
Price 49.95
Our Scranton sign is also available in our DTN version for a stunning
desk top display!

DT-0251 - Scranton Electric City Sign
Price 49.95
#88-0251 Scranton Electic Billboard
DT-0251 Scranton DTN