Miller Engineering's 4th Beer sign.  This beer was first
produced in 1842 by the F. & M. Schaefer Brewing
Company, leading to its billing as America's oldest lager
beer by its brewers. Until the mid-1970s, it  was the
world's best selling beer. The brand was purchased by
Stroh Brewery Company in 1981. Since 1999, it has
was purchased by Pabst.

Available  in two sizes.
This is a limited edition sign.
#88-1301, Lg. Beer Billboard
Size 4.4” tall x 3.65” wide,
Suitable for O/HO scales
#44-1302, Sm. Beer Billboard
Size 2.2” tall x 1.6” wide,
Suitable for HO/N scales
#88-1301, Lg. Beer Billboard
#44-1302, Sm. Beer Billboard