The perfect complements our rooftop Rexall signs as well as our
vertical multi-graphic sign.  Combine these 3 signs onto one
building and you will have a remarkable structure on your layout!
Limited Edition sign
#88-2201, Lg. Rexall Sign
Size 1” tall x 6.6” wide,
Suitable for O/HO scales
Price $49.95
#44-2202, Sm. Rexall Sign
.5” tall x 3.3” wide,
Suitable for HO/N scales
Price 32.95
#88-2201, Lg. Rexall Sign
#44-2202, Sm. Rexall Sign
This sign has an additional set of contacts on the back for flush
mounting the sign to the front or side of a building. Our S&H green
stamps sign is the perfect companion to our window sign version
that can be seen