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Produced under trademark license from B&O Railroad Museum®
#44-2752, Sm. Chessie Billboard
Size 2.15” tall x 1.6” wide,
Suitable for HO/N scales
Price $32.95
#88-2751, Lg. Chessie Billboard
Size 4.3” tall x 3.2” wide,
Suitable for O/HO scales
Price $49.95
Chessie System, Inc. was a holding company that
owned the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O), the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O), the Western
Maryland Railway (WM), and several smaller
carriers. It was incorporated in Virginia on February
26, 1973, and it acquired the C&O (which controlled
the other companies) on June 15. C&O had been
popularly known as the "Chessie System" since the
1930's. One of the most endearing of railroad
signs! Available in several sizes. Our large version
#88-2751 comes with supports.
No layout, no problem! You can
still enjoy Miller Engineering's
sign with our stand-alone DTN
base...great for collectors!
Price: $49.95
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the customer comment section at
check out that you want the DTN
version and we will do the rest!
88-2751 Lg. Chessie Billboard
44-2752 Sm. Chessie Billboard