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One Sign, Two Choices!!
The Ringling Brothers Circus provided family entertainment for over 100
years but sadly is now gone. To pay homage to this great
entertainment venue, we have created our Ringling Brothers billboard
with two peel and stick overlays that you can choose from. Simply peel
off the overlay and apply it to your sign. Although the overlays are not
meant to be removable, they can be carefully peeled off and replaced
with the other one if you change your mind. Sign comes with both
PT Barnum would be proud!!
Limited run sign.
Large version comes with supports.
#88-2951 -Lg Circus Billboard
Price - $49.95
Size: 3.75” W  x 3.75” T
Suitable for O/HO
Limited Edition sign
#44-2952 -Sm Circus Billboard
Price - $32.95
1.9” wide  x 1.9” tall
Suitable for N/HO
Limited edition sign
88-2951 -Lg Circus Billboard
44-2952 -Sm Circus Billboard