#88-3251, Colgate Clock
Size 5.5" T x 5" W
Suitable for HO/O Scales,
Price $49.95
#44-3252 Colgate Clock
Size 2.5" Tall x 2.2" wide.
Suitable for HO/N Scales,
Price $32.95
The Colgate Clock, located in Jersey City, N.J., was built
in 1924 to replace an earlier clock. The original clock was
constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for
Colgate's centennial in 1906. It has a diameter of 50 feet
(15 m). In 2013, the clock was refurbished, outfitted with
LED lights, and reinstalled on the waterfront near the
Goldman-Sachs tower. The Colgate clock would make a
sunning addition to any layout. Large version comes with
This is a limited production sign
44-3252 Sm. Colgate Clock Billboard
88-3251 Colgate Clock Billboard