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#88-3301, Sunbeam Bread
Size 4.5" T x 6.25" W
Suitable for HO/O Scales,
Price 49.95
#44-3302, Sunbeam Bread
Size 2.2" Tall x 2.15" wide.
Suitable for HO/N Scales,
Price 32.95
Sunbeam's long-time mascot is called Little Miss
Sunbeam. In 1942, illustrator Ellen Barbara
Segner was commissioned by the Quality Bakers
of America to create a marketing symbol of a
young child. Over six months she submitted
hundreds of sketches before coming across the
girl who would become the first Miss Sunbeam in
Southern Indiana. The image of the holiday Little
Miss Sunbeam first appeared on a billboard in the
1950s. Large version come with supports.
This is a limited production sign.
88-3301 Lg.Sunbeam Braed Billboard
44-3302 Sm. Sunbeam Bread