#88-0601-Lg. Rio Grande Billboard
Size 4” tall x 3.5” wide,
Suitable for O/HO scales
#44-0602-Med. Rio Grande Billboard
Size 2” tall x 1.75” wide,
Suitable for HO/N scales
#88-0601 Lg. Rio Grande Billboard
The D&RGW served mainly as a
transcontinental bridge line between Denver,
Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a
major carrier of coal and mineral traffic, with a
motto of "Through the Rockies", not around
them. The Rio Grande was the epitome of
mountain railroading, operating the highest
mainline rail line in the United States, including
the over 10,240 ft (3,121 m) Tennessee Pass
in Colorado, and the famed routes through the
Moffat Tunnel and the Royal Gorge. Large
version comes with supports. Limited edition
#44-0602 Sm.. Rio Grande Billboard