#88-2551 - Lg. Lugnuts Billboard
Size 4.35" Tall x 2.75" wide.
Suitable for HO/O Scales,
Price 49.95
This is a limited production sign.
#44-2552 - Sm. Lugnuts Billboard
Size 2.2" Tall x 1.4" wide.
Suitable for HO&O/N Scales,
Price 32.95
This is a limited production sign.
Time to add a little "Pizzazz" your
layout! Miller Engineering's Lucky
Lugnuts is just the ticket. What
happens in the garage, stays in the
garage, or the train room!
Sure to be a conversation piece on
any layout!
Available in two sizes.
Large version comes with supports.

Limited Edition Sign!
#88-2551 Lg. Lucky Lugnuts Billboard
#44-2552 Sm. Lucky Lugnuts Billboard
#9040 - Lugnuts Window sign
Price $17.95
Suitable for HO/O scales
Limited edition sign
9040 Lucky Lugnuts WIndow sign