#9981 - Sherwin William's Billboard
Suitable for HO/O scales
2" W x 4.25" T
#9981 - Sherwin William's
Copyright Miller Engineering 2019
#9981 -  Sherwin Williams Paints
Founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward
Williams in 1866,  The Sherwin-Williams
Company has not only grown to be the
largest producer of paints and coatings in the
United States, but is among the largest
producers in the world.
This is a larger version of our #9981,
designed for O scale. This is quite an
Edition sign,
#2061 Lg. Sherwin Williams
#2061 - Our Sherwin Williams sign is also
available as a large O scale roadside sign,...
a stunning sign on any layout!
#2061 - Lg. Sherwin Williams
Size: 4.5" W x 8.75
Suitable for O Scales,
Price $55.95
This is a limited production sign.