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10 Watt LED upgrade for the Uncle MIlton Star Theater Pro is now in Stock
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1.  Cree 10 watt XML T2 LED  
Original versions are from 1 to 3 watt LED and run at a lower current so the 1 to 3
watts is actually 0.6 to 1.5 watts

2. Microprocessor controlled LED with soft on/off, which greatly reduces the stress
on the LED for longer life.

3. Cooling fan that incorporates a copper heat sink for thermal management of the
high power LED (original versions have just a thin steel plate for a heat sink, not

4. Replacement high power AC adapter. Internationl AC adapter for overseas orders

5. Adjustable brightness control.

6. Reverse disc rotation.
Perhaps the most asked for improvement for home planetariums is an improvement
in the brightness. The current crop of home projectors, (except for the Homestar
Extra), have inadequate brightness. This is the number one complaint we hear all
the time - and it’s true! We have addressed this by producing an LED upgrade for
the Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro. The upgrade will be available this summer.
Below are images of the prototype..
Here is the heart of the LED upgrade, which
consists of a 10 watt Cree XML T6, super white
We mounted this LED on a disc of copper. Why
copper? Because it has more than twice the thermal
dissipation of aluminum, which means it removes
the heat away from the LED fast. The copper disc is
then mounted onto an aluminum heat sink with a fan.
The result: everything stays cool which leads to a
long LED life. Ever have an LED flashlight die on
you? Inadequate cooling!
Ever wonder why the manufacturer just couldn't take
the time to put a brighter LED in your projector??
It's not only cost of the LED, but also the time it
takes to do the proper engineering of the necessary
components to cool the LED correctly.
The Uncle Milton and the machine is disassembled and the bottom section is
laser cut to make the opening for the fan. Once the back has been cut, it cannot
be reversed - something to think about if you wish to keep your projector original.
On the other hand, this conversion will give you added value.
This is a nice view of the stock LED. Both companies
mount the LED on a thin piece of stamped steel that
gives virtually no thermal protection to the LED.
One thing we can guarantee is that you will not be disappointed! Images will now be brighter
and more colorful than you have ever seen them before.
"Stunning" might best describe the visual impact!
There will only be 500 upgrades produced.
Each machine has to be disassembled, modified, new parts added and seamlessly integrated
with the old parts. All this takes time and labor. It is not like the original production line that
made your projector by the thousands, by workers without a personal commitment to the
product .
This work is done by people who actually care, who love astronomy and the night sky. People
who make sure the work is done right and by a company that stands behind their work!  
Below are some sample images for comparison between a stock Uncle
Milton Star Theater Pro and one with the LED upgrade. We do not have
a comparison image for the Homestar Pro because the original was
just too dim for our digital camera!
Miller Engineering Aurora disc shown with optional scenic disc
Click on either image for addtional images.
We have spent a great deal of time in the design and engineering to ensure
reliability. Check out some of the improvements which the upgrade gives you: