Chrome Discs for Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro
Copyright Miller Engineering 2016
Northern Disc
Southern Disc
These disc are only suitable for our DS1 Projector
Miller Engineering has created a chrome-on-glass star disc with over 4 million stars! Over
two years in the making, we have created an image that defies imagination. When viewed,
you will see the glow of the Milky Way Galaxy and imagine that what you are seeing is
some nice airbrushed image creating the glow.....Not So! Upon closer inspection you will
find that the glow is produced by millions of stars. The disc is so good you can use a pair
of low power binoculars and imagine you are on a mountaintop looking up! They are works
of art in their own right. We have only produced a small run of them. They will only work
with Miller Engineering's 10 watt LED upgrade. There just is not enough light output from
the stock Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro or any of the Sega Homestar projectors to work.
Our Chrome disc are fragile!!!  If you drop one on a hard surface it's history.
If you are a candidate for one of these gems you will not be disappointed! Available for
both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Our Chrome is discs are produced the
same way that semiconductor IC
masks are produced, extremely high
When viewed in room light the disc looks
like a mirror - they are stunning to look at!
Over 4 Million Stars!!!!