Cosmos disc for Uncle Milton/Homestar Pro machines
Copyright Miller Engineering 2016
This fascinating disc from Miller Engineering gives a view of the Cosmos
looking back almost 13 billion light years, near the edge of the known
universe - (between 400 and 800 million years after the Big Bang). Our
Cosmos disc is based on the Hubble Space Telescope Deep-Field survey,
which composited data collected from a very small region of space over a
period of several months. When the image was first viewed by astronomers
they were astounded to find that almost every point light was some form of
a galaxy. You too will be amazed at the variety and range of galaxy types,
Take the journey in time!
This disc is available for the Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro, the Homestar
Pro, and Classic.
The red dot in the above image is the approximate area of the image in our
Cosmos disc, which is an incredibly small area!