Star discs for Sega Homestar Extra machines
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The image on the left side is the original Homestar Extra Northern
Hemisphere Star disc which contains 120,000 stars. The image on
the right side is Miller Engineering's Disc containing over 1.2 million
stars, that is 10 times the number of stars offered on the original disc!
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Northern Hemisphere disc
Star count: over 1.2 million stars
Twilight Moon disc,
Star count: over 150,000 stars.
You will see a gorgeous crescent
moon rise and set, the moon will
also show the earth glow.
Full Moon disc
Star count: 150,000 stars.
This disc creates a beautiful
effect, taking you from moonrise
to moonset.
Copyright Miller Engineering 2016
Miller Engineering has spent over two years developing our Stardisc series.
What started off as a simple project to improve the current star discs turned
into a two year quest for perfection.
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Scenic Disc, EX-SC-1
Depicts pine trees at the horizon
This disc fits under the star disc
and does not rotate which gives
a stunning effect as the stars and
moon move slowly past the pine
trees. This disc is most effective
on color discs.
Mounts underneath the star disc
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Aurora disc, #EX-AU101
This stunning disc creates the
Aurora Borealis also known as
the Northern Lights.
Earth view disc, #EX-EM101
This incredible view of the Earth
was recently release by NASA,  
the most detailed view of the
planet Earth to date!
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Saturn view Disc, #EX-ST-101
Depicts a breathtaking view of
Saturn from it's moon Titan.  Gaze
Saturn rises above Titan!
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Northern Constellations #EX-NC1
A beautiful rendition of the constellation
figures based on the art work of         
Johannes Hevelius from the 16th
century, a stunning Disc!
Solar System Disc #EX-SV201
The complete solar system on one
disc. All planets including the Sun
are to scale in size, but not distance.
A great reference disc!
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Click on  images for a larger view
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Jupiter View #UM-JV301
A beautiful view of Jupiter from its icy
moon Europa with Jupiter's moon
Io in the
foreground - Stunning!
Galaxy Disc #EX-G1000 - Our galaxy
disc has been one of the top requested
discs by our customers. Seven of the
most beautiful galaxies are depicted on
this disc. All images are of the highest
resolution images of real galaxies
captured by the world’s most powerful
telescopes. Take a journey though the
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Nebula Disc #EX-NA2000 - Our Nebula
Disc is the complement disc to our Galaxy
disc. It depicts 8 different Nebulae, of
incredible diversity, in both shape and
color. They are some of the most stunning
objects in our galaxy.
Orion's Belt #EX-OR3000
The constellation Orion is perhaps the
most well known constellation in the night
sky. The Belt of Orion contains three of
the most recognizable groups of stars.
Still, there are wonders to be appreciated
in that constellation that can not be seen
with naked eye. Here, with our Orion’s
Belt, you will get to explore some of those
magnificent objects.
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Moon Phase #EX-MP401
Our moon phase disc shows 11 phases of
the moon. This is a two disc set. The
second disc is a scenic disc which sits
under the moon phase. To see how this
works click on the image.... you will not be
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Night View Discs - Asia & North America
These two remarkable discs give a clear view of how human presence has literally
changed the face of our planet. These fascinating discs offer exceptional views of
our planet at night. You’ll be able to identify major cities and see how they spread
out across the landscape, great fun for the whole family.
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Southern Hemisphere disc
Star count: over 1.2 million stars
All Homestar Extra Discs are now