#88-3351 York Billboard
Size 4.4" T x 3.6" W
Suitable for HO/O Scales,
Price $49.95
#44-3352 York Billboard
Size 2.2" T x 1.8" W
Suitable for HO/N Scales,
Price $32.95
The instantly recognizable York Peppermint Pattie was
first produced in York, Pennsylvania, by Henry Kessler
at his York Cone Company in 1940, for sale in the
Northeastern United States, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and
Florida. In 1972, the York Cone Company was acquired
by Peter Paul, which launched the York Peppermint
Pattie nationally in 1975. In 2009, production of the York
Peppermint Pattie moved from Reading, Pennsylvania to
Mexico. Large version comes with supports.
This is a limited production sign
44-3352 York Billboard
88-3351 Lg York Billboard