Animated Signs

Miller Engineering’s  line of animated LIGHT WORKS neon signs are created
from the same thin (.010”) Electroluminescence material as our non-animated
signs, with all the benefits and more. These incredible signs offer state of the
art lighting technology that has never before been available to the modeler.
Each kit is pre-programmed with 46 different chase patterns, allowing the user
to choose which pattern they want. Once a pattern is chosen, it is stored in
memory and is remembered each time the sign is turned on again. Chase
patterns can be changed over and over again.

Like our non-animated signs, LIGHT WORKS animated signs come in two
types: Vertical signs that are designed to be used on the sides of buildings and
Horizontal signs that are for the roof tops of buildings. All vertical signs are
available in 
left and right versions. Signs are suitable for all scales. The
smallest signs may even be used as window signs on larger scales. Our
animated signs draw 95ma. All kits come with a 3AAA battery holder

Place cursor over image to see animation