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New Signs coming for October, 2021!!

That's all Folks! is the Looney Tunes signature closing sequence. It was first used by Bosko and more commonly by Porky Pig in the Golden Age of Animation, before the standard script logo on the bullseye Color Rings came to use. It had many variations over the years.  This is our 3rd sign in our Looney Toone series. Large version comes with supports.  Limited Edition sign

Available Oct. 2021

88-5001 Lg “That’s All Folks” billboard, $49.95
Size: 3.6” W x 4.4” T, suitable for O/HO scales


44-5002 Sm. “That’s All Folks” billboard, $32.95
Size: 1.8” W x 2.2" T, suitable for HO/N scales


  The Goodyear Company was named after American Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber. The first Goodyear tires became popular because they were easily detachable and required little maintenance. The company is the most successful tire supplier in Formula One history, with more starts, wins, and constructors' championships than any other tire supplier.[5] They pulled out of the sport after the 1998 season. It is the sole tire supplier for NASCAR series. Available in two sizes, large version comes with supports. Limited Edition sign

Available Oct. 2021

88-4051 Lg Goodyear Billboard, $49.95
Size: 5” W x 3.3 T, suitable for O/HO scales


44-4052 Sm. Goodyear Billboard, $32.95
Size: 2.5” W x 1.6 T, suitable for HO/N scales

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