DS Skyview Pocket Planetarium

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We have created what we believe is the world’s smallest planetarium. Enjoy dining under the stars...create a relaxing spa environment…or accent your home theater in seconds! Skyview is an instant game changer for any room in the house!

  • Incorporates a direct 450nm blue diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an out of this world visual experience that cannot be matched.
  • Projects over 1.2 million stars, no focusing necessary.
  • With its rechargeable lithium ion battery, the sky’s the limit! Take it wherever you want to go!
  • Do not use while inside a moving motor vehicle

Learn the constellations….. By simply rotating the outer ring, you can change your view from stars alone to stars with labeled constellations!

Now you can create a starry night time environment wherever you want to go, accent your home theater, your bedroom, even your car.


 See it in action: