Theater Marquee

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Theater Marquee – The perfect sign to create your
off along with it's detail the marquee can be used for
many different applications. Because of the marquee’s special construction, it can be curved around almost any form to give the sign a three dimensional look. The sign comes blank and several movie titles are included on peel & Stick overlays. One of them is shown on the animated image at the left. 

Note: size usage is dependent on the size of
your structure so scales are interchangeable.

Photo courtesy of Richard Bettig


Includes overlays


The perfect complement for our horizontal
theater sign, #
This is a double sided sign and comes with a
selection of over-lays with the option of making
your own. The small marquee measures 3" tall,
the large one is 5.5" tall


Available in two sizes

#1181 - Large Theater, Price $45.95 Dimensions: 7.75” long x 2.64” high. With the word “Theater” removed the marquee height is 1.4”. Recommended scales S/O

#1182 - Medium Theater, price $36.95
Dimensions: 5.60” long x 1.8” high. With the word “Theater” removed the marquee height is .875”. Recommended scales N/HO.